A Tiny House Community

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I have a deep passion to help people who are struggling financially by finding a less stressful way of living. I believe my passion comes from all my husband and I have experienced. We understand just how difficult it can be to keep up with a mortgage or rent when uncontrollable expenses come into your life. We, personally, lost our home when I could no longer work due to medical issues. Not long after the foreclosure, there was a massive flood in the area plus several expenses came up with our children just to mention some of our experiences.

It is my dream to create a community of affordable homes for people who are struggling to make ends meet due to their own life experiences. 

There will be all different sizes of Tiny houses in this community. Some houses will be too small for a washer & dryer, but that is ok. 

There will be a community center with washers & dryers, a reading area and cafe’.

And there will be an all-year Garden center to help provide fresh produce, plus it’s a great hobby.

As people purchase homes, a percentage of the purchase will go toward helping homeless people get into a First Step home. There will be a wonderful program to help those who want the help. 

A Tiny House Community in Detroit is exactly what is needed. Tiny houses are more affordable and easier to maintain than traditional homes. Tiny bills, Tiny mess, Tiny stress….and more time to enjoy the blessings in life.

Who wouldn’t benefit from a home they can easily afford and maintain?

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