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By Plush Flower Rides Boats

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Plush Flower Rides Boats will open a motorized mini boat water sport rental business in the downtown Detroit area. The business  will have games at an extra charge and offer a prize for completion of the game. Plush Flower Rides Boats will be purchasing  two-person motorized mini boats. Each boat will include a cooler for non- alcoholic beverages and a walkie-talkie for games and Coastal Guard updates. The business will open with a five boat fleet. Plush Flower Rides Boats will operate during the late spring, summer and early fall season as weather permits and will include the months of May, June, July, August and September; which would be approximately a 15 – 18 week season.

We offer the ability to learn about water safety, boating skills and builds confidence.

My business will be another wonderful activity for the people of metro Detroit.

Plush Flower Rides Boats gives everyone access to outdoor water activities that are very expensive.

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