Aerolite insulation helps you to save money if you have the product used throughout your home

By Edmunds

If you’re trying to reduce gains along with losses in temperatures in your residence, use this product! It would dramatically balance the temperature, by having your place correctly insulated because of aerolite which decreases the electrical power usage necessary to maintain a cosy home. The product is known for a payback within just a year or so if the house is insulated efficiently by using industry professionals, and certainly will consistently conserve your funds afterwards.

ceiling insulation between floors25 percent to thirty percent of wintertime warmth acquired

twenty five percent to 30% of summer cool temperature gained

pink aerolite insulating material together with seasonal changes

Often the changes with our weather conditions always has a huge impact on your work and your home. Investing in aerolite fiberglass insulation helps compensate regarding the weather change in temp and does not raise your utility bill caused by over using air-conditioners and heating units to keep your household cool or warm according to which season it is.

Pink aerolite insulation is non-combustible

Glass fiber is non-combustible! You simply can’t burn the product. Of all the so-called insulations available to buy, this particular one has got the greatest fire status. Used in furnaces, boilers and stoves, just about anyplace that significant temps are must be established and maintained! Glass fiber insulation is undoubtedly the first-class product in relation to fire immunity and exposed to extreme temperatures.

Aerolite fiberglass insulation is asbestos free

Sometimes people get confused with asbestos and glassfibre. This product contains NO asbestos whatsoever! It really is an environmentally friendly product plus poses absolutely no hazard to health! It’s just a fibreglass product created from around 80 percent reused glass and a mix of fine sand. For almost seventy years pink aerolite insulation has been used as the ideal selection of insulation and is also the most known and analyzed product available on the market. The installed life of think pink aerolite is about 50 years.

Climatic locations and aerolite insulation

Depending on where you’re located, localised weather will definitely influence what thickness is required to be installed in your premises as well as workplace. For instance, an area with a chilly climate will require a thicker layer of aerolite ceiling insulation asbestos placed in to achieve the required insulating effect you will require. You’ll find that you have to take factors which include money and price in addition to product preference. Even though a particular product width is approved within your climatic zone, you may decide you would like to go denser to get an improved insulating benefit.

Fiberglass insulation and sound reduction

Think pink aerolite insulation is a popular product to use for sound prevention. It has brilliant sound retention properties and it is regarded as the most impressive insulation when it comes to temperature and acoustic noise cancelling. If you’re looking for the way to minimize sound levels from outside of your household or offices or perhaps in the house in between bedrooms, this kind of product is a great solution to accommodate your sound prevention needs. You will find that there will be no more loud echo’s bouncing throughout the room or space plus your home or office will be quiet when compared!

Retrofit think pink ceiling insulation pretoria

Having a retrofit aerolite insulation install, is undoubtedly one of the most beneficial approach to decrease electricity consumption and save your valuable hard earned cash! Many jobs can be very complicated, when considering conducting a retrofit job with factorylite, isofoil and all the reflective insulations for example sisalation, spunsulation and alububble. There are not many businesses that are able to retrofit insulation correctly so make sure to choose the best business for the retrofit insulation solution.

We have found that eighty percent of properties that have previously been insulated, don’t meet the requirements of the building legislation. There’s a answer to this issue, you will need a top up layer of insulation to get the necessary density issued for one’s climatic zone.

Reasons to choose think pink aerolite:

Fiberglass will not burn, its non-combustible

Acoustic properties

50 year life span

Zero maintenance necessary

Power consumption reduction

Continuous financial savings

Penetration reduction by eighty seven percent

Fully guaranteed for 30 years

Keeps a consistent temperature (year round)

SABS approved

Light weight

Environment – friendly

Doesn’t appeal to pests

Cool when it comes to Summer

Comfortable in Winter

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