Job search ideas

By Waring

If you’re at that stage in your life and you have just graduated, you may well be thinking about what is next for me, what do I see myself doing in five year’s time. The most important thing to do is not let your anxiety restrict you from making progress with job applications and actually start your job hunt. It can be straight forward to get overwhelmed by all the various industries you could find yourself working in, which is why we have taken the time to piece together a couple of career suggestions that are proving to be most popular. If you still find after reading the below that our recommendations are not the right career fit for you, then try and get a spare five minutes of your time to take a jobs test to point you in the correct direction. These do not necessarily have to be taken at face value, but are the perfect way of giving you a bit of inspiration.

The technology industry is often a favored career choice to go after as the world continues to catapult forward with technology at its helm. Kristina Ericksen says working in tech does not simply have to be programming oriented, there are lots of other roles such as for instance being a website developer which would be suitable for those with more creative minds. Alternatively, for those who like analysing data and mulling over information, there is the job role of a data analyst who is often tasked with understanding habits and finding out new intel.

Have you ever thought about a career in oil and gas? If it has gone through your mind then great choice! The industry presently offers three quarters of the UK’s primary energy and is likely to multiply in generation by 2030 which means even more job opportunities opening in the industry! If you love to travel, then working in gas and oil will be right up your street as you will oftentimes have the chance to transfer from country to country. The global demand is habitually increasing, often exhibiting the very latest technological trends. Besides, the supply and demand of oil and gas are showing virtually no signs of decelerating anytime soon. It is really worth gaining as much knowledge as feasible and beginning in entry level roles and going onto fundamentally work for much bigger firms like the one run by Ayman Asfari.

Practical research is unbelievably important with regards to picking out your ideal career route. Maybe you are good with numbers and have the ability to formulate financial markets. Sound familiar? Well if that is so, an advantageous career path to go down is one in broking. Basically, it would be your role to purchase and sell stocks and different financial products. You’ll have to have a detailed understanding of the markets and ready to make executive investment decisions like Martin Campbell does on a daily basis.

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