Q. What is Detroit Fundraising Network?

A. DFN is a community crowdfunding site centered around Detroit-based projects.

Q.  Does it cost to post a project?

A. No, it’s free to post a project. There is only a fee on funds raised; 5% for fixed funding or 7% for flex or donation funding. 

Q. How do I receive the funds from my project?

A. Paypal is the current method of fund disbursement.

Q. How do I know if the person is going to complete the project?

A.  You don’t. We hold our members to a honor code, thankfully the vast majority will be honest, upstanding, community builders but we might have a bad apple from time to time. We will take every step possible to remove any member not adhering to that honor code.  Only give what you can freely give and afford to lose. Please immediately report any member performing misconduct at dfund at dfund.net


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